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Secure Printing

Save your time, money and resources with secure printing - Discover what a secure printing solution can do for your business

It's important to know who has access to what within your infrastructure, regardless of your company’s size. Deploying a secure print solution lets you manage your printing infrastructure. And enables you to monitor your employees' print behaviour and assign user access rights. 

Of all your business assets, it's possible that data is your most valuable and vulnerable. Even something as simple as printing or scanning can leave your data open to theft. When you're working with sensitive information you need to know your data is secure. You need to ensure you have advanced security for both your network and print device, protecting your documents, data and corporate information.

Konica Minolta's secure printing solution allows you to optimise your print environment. The easy to use interface shows you which of your Multi-Function Printers are being used most often. By requiring your users to identify themselves when they want to print, scan or copy, you can produce reports that show you who is printing what and which areas of the business are printing the most.

A secure printing solution gives you the insights to make decisions based on facts. So you've got the information and data you need to optimise your entire printing environment and keep your data secure.

Secure Printing

Secure printing solutions are easy to put in place, with an easy to use interface. So your don't need to hire technicians. The software will provide you with the data and reports around the printing habits of your team. And you can limit users' access to certain functions.

Deploying security print solutions lets you optimise your printing environment. You can simplify your workflow and find out which of your MFPs are being used most often – giving you a far clearer picture of your company's needs. With secure printing, you can instantaneously reduce costs by requiring users to identify themselves whenever they want to print, scan or copy a document.

You can decide to offer your clients a paid printing service (making it quick and easy to track their actions and calculate exact costs), use ID cards or PIN codes to ensure customers are solvent, monitor the print habits of your employees, and generate ready-made, adjustable and clear reports covering all your MFP operations. You can also employ comprehensive accounting to take note of any printing and copying performed on a particular project, summarise the cost quickly and easily, and factor this into the project.

You can even cut your costs further still by using reports clearly showing the influence of limited printing on the natural environment to encourage employees not to print documents unnecessarily. With Konica Minolta, you can make your printing more secure, simpler – and more advanced – than ever before.

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